Pianist, Entertainer, Composer

And finally, if you want to see my whole show in a short, show-reel form, check out this video! It contains clips of my entire Piano Entertainer show condensed for the discerning agent/manager, and music/entertainment fan.

5) "Beer Barrel Polka " - my arrangement of

      the classic drinking song! 

4) My own variations on a great melody,

     "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star." (solo piano)

3) "Malaguena" - my own arrangement of a

      latin classic

2) "Broadway Medley"  - a personal      

      arrangement of my favorite Broadway tunes!

1) "Rhapsody" - a virtuoso solo piano show piece 


The following videos are from Youtube, and I have included the links below. They are all from my newest Piano Entertainer show from April and May of this year, 2015. Enjoy!